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A game where you're in a cave, with a torch, and the screen is mostly black.

Controls are basically the right and left arrow to move, Z to jump, C to turn on or off the torch, and X to change it's batteries. There's not a lot of power in these batteries though, and you're low of them.
There's ennemies!
There's multiple levels!

So here's some anticipated question/answer:

Q: Why are movement so weird? Why can't I change direction while jumping?
A: Because the game is design like that, in order to make you feel uncomfortable.

Q: Why is the battery running low so fast?
A: Because of the theme of the Ludum Dare. And because without that, collecting battery would feel useless.

Q: How can I low kick in the face of an ennemy?
A: You can't. You only can interact with them via the flashlight, or by dying.

Q: How long is the game?
A: 2 minutes straightforward, but...

Q: That game is freaking hard!
A: Up to 15 minutes when you're discovering it.


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Cave, torch and black screen for ludum dare 39.exe 2 MB